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The Voice Bible


It’s hard to believe it has been five years since The Voice translation launched.  At the time there was a furor over how the team chose to translate the Greek word Christos.” As a result Martin Marty invited me to write a post for “Sightings.”  I’ve reproduced some of it here for readers who don’t have access or know of his site.

The Voice Bible

Martin E. Marty’s article “Annenberg Poll on Religion in the Media” brought to our attention a recent survey: “Most Americans Say Media Coverage of Religion Too Sensationalized.” I saw that side of the media firsthand. On April 17 I was interviewed by Carol Costello on CNN regarding a new Bible translation I had contributed to called The Voice Bible. The interview and subsequent articles falsely positioned The Voice as a new Bible translation which leaves out Jesus Christ, angels, and apostles. The title to CNN’s online article says it all: “Christ Missing from New Bible.” Note: no quotation marks.

CNN’s interest was prompted by an article the day before in USA Today entitled “‘The Voice’: New Bible translation focuses on dialogue.” The USA Today article was itself a heavily truncated version of the original story written by Bob Smietana in Nashville’s paper, The Tennessean entitled “Bible gets new voice.”… Read more.



Source: The Voice and Media (Mis)Characterization

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