My Ugly Friend Told Me Not To

A Necessary Pain


Do you have a friend that is so unhelpful and uncomplimentary that you often wonder why you are friends with that person, even if it’s just a Facebook friend? Many of us have another friend that fits the criteria. Procrastination. Our unhelpful friend tells us that the things which are vital aspects of us can wait until later. Procrastination taunts, that we are not adequate to accomplish all that befalls us, and we certainly do not have God’s approval to do great things evidenced by the difficulty we face. Who introduced me to this pseudo-friend? Doubt & Fear, are to blame, I am sure. Doubt which convinces me that things will not work in my favor and Fear reminding me of the misery that awaits me whether I go right or left. Unanswered, those thoughts multiply, similar to a virus on a susceptible host, rapidly, increasingly faster until all that…

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