Pilgrim’s Progress revisited - Christiana on the narrow way

Christians at WordPress have been discussing the fact that Dr. James R. White, Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries and an elder at Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church (www.prbc.org), facilitated an event – a dialogue – with the well-known Imam Yasir Qadhi. 

In a recent post, Tom of excatholic4christ, while frank about his concerns with this, encouraged us to be charitable in discussions of what has happened, and I believe this is good advice.

In the first video Paul Flynn and Reformed Baptist Mark Fitzgerald have a lengthy discussion of giving Qadhi a platform to present Islam to Christians. It is worth the time to hear Pastor Fitzgerald’s insights and Paul Flynn’s heartfelt distress over White’s failure. The second video is Paul Flynn only and more low-key. All of this is a small attempt to add to a careful, prayerful discussion. Lord bless you, brothers and sisters! 


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