Zambia 2017

We spent the day touring several ministries in and around Kabwe. First, we visited the Grace Center, home of the Grace Church Zambia National Council and home of an English language church. The building has many smaller offices rented out a shops and businesses as well as serving as office space for the Zambian church. We met Crispen Mundia, the chairman of the national church and Charles T., the treasurer for GCZ. Eric Mango also joined us for our orientation meeting and rode along with us for most of the day.

We drove a short distance to the site of Zambia Grace Bible Institute (ZGBI). The site includes several classrooms and a chapel and ten student houses. There is a school on the lot as well as a Grace Church and parsonage. Unfortunately the school has been closed for some time, but when it was operating there were many pastors…

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