LXX Studies

My blogging has lay dormant for far too long. I have updated my About page and given a new look to the blog. I have also changed the tagline (Enquiring into the Biblical Text and Canon) to more adequately describe what I hope to comment.

Moving forward I plan to continue writing here but only intermittently as I am able to post thoughts and notes on current projects that I’m researching. I also hope to begin contributing to the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog on topics relevant to Old Testament textual criticism, which I will link to from here. Very soon look for posts on Epiphanius of Salamis’s views on the Septuagint (really the translation of the Seventy-Two according to him) vis-à-vis the Hebrew. Also, I have added a widget on the side bar to the right with a link to my new (first!) book on The Biblical Canon Lists from…

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