The Decline of the Church in Scotland – The Times Report and Response

On Saturday The Times carried this extraordinary article.  (Kudos to The Times for taking this seriously and carrying this – unlike most of the rest of the Scottish press!).  To the delight of the Secularists it announced that almost 60% of Scots say they have no religion, the C of S has declined in the past 17 years from 35% to 18% of the population, Catholics from 15% to 10% and other Christians are now 11%.   What was fascinating is that 74% of young people say they have no faith, which is not surprising given that 80% of them say they have been brought up in non-religious households.  Atheist indoctrination begins at home!

Grow by Liberalising

IMG_1194None of this was news or surprising, but what was breathtaking was the solution offered by the ‘experts’.  Ian Montagu, a researcher, stated “If the kirk is able to push through liberalising measures…

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