Gordon Wilson – A Man of Integrity and Intelligence


The following is a personal reflection on the loss of a friend, mentor and member of my congregation, St Peters Free Church. His memorial service will be in St Peters tomorrow (July the 5th) at 12 noon.


The Political Leader

Gordon Wilson was born in Glasgow on the 16th of April 1938 and died in his adopted city, Dundee, on the 25th of June 2017. Best known as a leading Scottish politician the bare facts of his career only indicate some of the story. Having obtained a law degree from the University of Edinburgh, he worked as a solicitor. A committed Scottish nationalist he was the controller of the pirate radio station – Radio Free Scotland. I still have difficulty with the mental image of Gordon as some kind of shock jock!  He coined the successful political phrase “It’s Scotland’s Oil”.   He was leader of the SNP (1979-1990)…

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