God Haters

A Necessary Pain

“So the Jews were saying to the man who was cured, “It is the Sabbath, and it is not permissible for you to carry your pallet.”” John 5:10

There may be people who will tell you how inappropriate you are for your miracle or your miracle is for you. Perhaps, when Jesus delivered you it was unconventional, atypical, or unexpected. It is my sincere belief that we are not as saturated in miracles as during the biblical age due to sin, unbelief, traditions, and expectations. So often we as believers say that we believe God but are surprised when we get delivered or overcome. Family and church expectations would be challenged if suddenly we became the lender and not the borrower. If Jesus immediately healed us, thrusting us into our destinies, Pharisaical minded people may writhe with contempt. But we must remember it is not about us. Their self-righteous, calloused…

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