The Surpassing Worth

Imagine the scene with me.

David. King of Israel by God’s own decree. Given God’s promise of great future blessings and the eternal endurance of his kingdom. Known as the man after God’s own heart. The shepherd of Israel.

And now here he is. On the run from his very own son who has claimed the throne for himself, moved into his palace, and is plotting for his quick and sudden death.

This is where we find David in the 3rd Psalm.

Most of his army and advisors have betrayed him. Only a few loyal enough to follow him into the rocky wilderness.

Just days ago, safe and secure on Mount Zion. Now barefoot and weeping up the Mount of Olives.

And word got to him what his enemies were saying back in Jerusalem.

There is no salvation for David in God!

Indeed, for all appearances, that’s what it looked…

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