take a walk

I think it’s an instinct, even a reflex, to fear the dark. It’s an environment of complete unknown, taunting our creative minds to depict a stranger lurking in the corner, a monster under the bed. The worst deception is that of a ghost, or rather an evil spirit that you can’t physically defend yourself from. How would you run, what would you say, and would you survive?

You can see how quickly our perceptions allude us. Our mentality is not equipped to handle this world’s intellect, being an arrangement of angst, darkness, and temptations. In what perfect scenario could we find joy amidst a combination like that.

Think back to your childhood, clinging to your blankets in a very dark room until your mom comes in to turn on the nightlight. That tiny, solace of brightness is a source of pure tranquility. With that on, your world is untouchable. A…

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