tea & testimony

I had just zipped up a new pair of skinny jeans in the Target dressing room when I heard a familiar conversation. It’s one I’ve had many times with my own mother in a department store dressing room. It went something like this:
Mother: “No, I don’t like it”
Daughter: “What?! Mooom… you said it was cute”
Mother: “Yeah, well now that I see it on, I don’t think it’s appropriate”
Daughter: “But you already SAID I could get it”
Instantly I was back in the dressing room with my own mother, skillfully trying to nudge her in the right direction, as she clearly did not get 90s fashion, what with all its spaghetti straps and brightly colored bare midriff tops.
Mother: “It needs to be more modest”
Daughter: “What does that mean?”
Mother: “Modest means not sexy, not revealing”
I glanced in the mirror at my own “modest” figure…

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