When Your Life Isn’t “Pinterest-Perfect”

Elihu's Corner

Picture of person taking selfie photo by Photo by Toni Hukkanen

Share it. Like it. Post it. Pin it.

“Wow! Look at that her newly-remodeled kitchen!”

“Dude! Check out Jay’s awesome rig!”

“Tim and Tammy are on vacation again! I wish I could go to Hawaii!”

“I can’t believe he lost so much weight! How did he do that?”

The moment we look up from these posts of perfection, we see our worn out carpet, our scuffed up truck, our six-pack-flabs, and sink under the weight of our imperfect reality. Just when we think we’ll shiplap our house into Magnolia-magnificence, our bank balance brings us to a full stop.

Our life, unlike theirs, is anything but Pinterest-perfect. 

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