Is Tim Keller the Art Heretic?

downloadGood old Tim Keller has been up to his tricks again – preaching the gospel, engaging the culture, applying the Bible, growing the church.  So time for a wee take down – lest he get too big for his boots….time for the reformed world twitterati to do the Holy Spirit’s job and convict Tim of sin, righteousness and the judgement to come (and not to have ballet in church!).    What has Tim been up to?  This is the tweet that was doing the rounds –

The Church needs artists because without art we cannot reach the world.

Cue outrage, polemical essays and sarcastic tweets.

In this article rather than look at the issues that Keller actually raises, worthy as they are, I  want to examine what some of the reactions tell us about the Reformed world, the Internet and Social Media.

Let’s look first of all at what Tim…

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