Optimising Nutrition

I recently watched the Mastering Diabetes teleseminar on ketogenic diets with high hopes of picking up some gems of wisdom from the rising stars of the plant-based diabetes community.

Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed with what I heard.

I shared my frustration on Facebook.

Robb Wolf suggested I do a post to respond to some of the misinformation in the teleseminar.  Hence this post.

[Robb did a great discussion of the What the Health Netflix doco, What the Health: A Wolf’s Eye View, which I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already.]

What’s actually wrong with the keto diet for diabetes?

Cyrus Khambatta (aka Mangoman) and Robby Barbaro (The Mindful Diabetic) should be uniquely qualified, both academically and experientially having themselves lived with type 1 diabetes for decades.

If it was going to attack keto for diabetes management then there would have been a couple of ‘free kicks’ I…

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