LittleBird...... Helping Abuse Victims Fly Through The Chaos

You can't win for Losing, no matter what you do, it's wrongDo you ever feel like you can’t win? No matter what you do you’ll be blamed? You can be quiet, not express yourself, and you’ll be blamed for being unsupportive. You can choose to speak up and share your thoughts and you’ll be blamed for speaking out of turn. You can choose to agree with everything and be blamed because you aren’t sharing your real opinions. You can share your real opinions and be blamed when something goes wrong.

It’s like you can’t win for losing! It’s a catch 22 situation. Nothing you say, nothing you do, nothing you don’t say, nothing you don’t do, will put you in the position of being heard, respected or part of the team. The accusations directed toward you are put on you as though they are fact. Your intentions are dictated, usually negatively and your reactions are pre-decided for you. You find yourself in a situation where you are…

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