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A weekend reading review because even Pastors need a break from heavy reading.

Ronald Kessler. The First Family Detail.  Danvers, MA: Crown Forum, August 5th 2014. 272 pp.

4 out of 5

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This book was insightful into the men and women who protect the president of the United States in a Federal government agency known as the Secret Service.  You usually see members of the Secret Service wearing suits and sunglasses standing next to the President.  This book was insightful of some of the things members of the Secret Service have observed about various US presidents.  It is written by a capable author name Ronald Kessler who has written books on the New York Times Best Seller list on the topic of the Secret Service and the FBI.  Kessler was also the journalist who first broke the news story of Secret Service scandal with hiring prostitutes in Cartagena…

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