To the Jew First: The Case for Jewish Evangelism in Scripture and History  -     By: Edited by Darrell L. Bock & Mitchell Glaser

“But all these things, so far as meaning that Gentile Christians are now the truest sort of covenant members, means that Gentile Christians owe the Jews an incalculable debt, cognate indeed with the debt they owe the Messiah himself, the Jew par excellence whose casting away meant reconciliation for the world. And the debt must be discharged in terms of the continuing mission to unbelieving Israel; the very Gentile mission itself has this is one of its sidelong purposes.”-N.T. Wright.


I grew up in a large Jewish community here in Columbus, Ohio. The mainline demolition that I was birthed in sat between two Orthodox Jewish synagogues. I attended countless Jewish holiday events, weddings, and numerous Bar  Mitzvahs. My daily exposure to Jewish culture continued throughout my youth and into my college years At age 24, I had never before met Jewish people who believed in Yeshua (Jesus).  I was  invited by a…

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