Christian Artist Feature – Seth Tummins

The Artistic Christian

Seth Tummins

“I believe beauty will save the worldbut art only has power if people slow down enough to see it.” – Seth Tummins

Seth Tummins decided to learn how to create oil paintings in December 2009.  Little did he know at the time that this decision would alter the course of his life.  Now Tummins is a celebrated artist in Humphreys County, Tennessee, who serves as President of the Humphreys County Arts Council and an important contributor to The Chestnut Group – a team of painters who raise money for the conservation of local areas.

Tummins primarily paints nature scenes, due to its awe-inspiring beauty.  “I can’t think of a time when I wasn’t impressed to be still by nature,” he recalls.  “As a boy I would head off through the fields to the creek to look for Indian artifacts, interesting rocks, and fish, and to listen to the…

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