Unity In Trinity

The first book in the Cultural Engagement Bundle from Lexham press deals with the Christian’s interaction with Culture in general. The second book addresses vocation and work. The final book continues the logical progression and addresses how Christians should think about the material world. Dr. David W. Jones addresses the subject of work from a different perspective than Drs Strickland and Quinn in the second text. Jones deals with work as it relates to goals—i.e. what is the purpose of work and how do Christians work appropriately.

Jones begins by laying some groundwork on the relationship between the material and spiritual worlds. Jones’ definition of “material world” is important because he emphasizes not only the “material” in the materialistic sense (i.e. the “stuff” in the world), but also the social, economic, and moral aspects of our interaction with other people on the planet (Loc. 89-90). This is an important aspect…

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