Douglas Murray – The Strange Death of Europe – Part One – Meaningless Shallowness

I read a lot of books. Some are all time classics (Lord of the Rings, the Brothers Karamazov, Confessions of St Augustine), others are unknown but really helpful. I try to read books from a wide variety of authors, including those I know who will challenge my preconceptions and prejudices.   Some books confirm you in your views, others 61w1m+7KMkL._AC_US218_challenge them and occasionally there comes along one that causes you to change them. I have just finished one such book – Douglas Murray’s surprising bestseller The Strange Death of Europe – Immigration, Identity and Islam.  It is such an important book that I want to spend some time reflecting on it and the implications for us. (I began writing this and realised that it would go way beyond what any sane person would have the time to read – so I am going to turn this into a mini-series – looking…

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