Reading Acts

The primary purpose of Jubilees is therefore to define the true Jewish people as those who keep God’s law and to call the Jewish people back to obedience to that Law (suggested by Sanders in Paul and Palestinian Judaism, 362). The Law is rooted in the very creation of the world.  To violate law is therefore to flaunt the created order itself.  Given the probability of a date just after the Maccabean revolt, the writer is reacting to those within the Jewish community who were too tolerant of the Greek world.  When Antiochus IV Epiphanies banned feasts and festivals, the Sabbath and circumcision, he violated the Law of God.

Image result for leprosy in the bibleThe Maccabean revolt did not go far enough, since the Hasmonean kings were little better than the Selucid kings they replaced.  To be a proper Jew, one must retain the traditional boundary markers of the Hebrew Bible.   Unlike Sirach, Jubilees

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