A Necessary Pain

Jesus’ presence is akin to having the winning medallion on prior to the shooting of a starter’s pistol in a race. His third-day resurrection defied death, changed time, and disregards human reasoning. Our Saviour’s attendance to our melee is assurance that we are merely tapping into a fight that He’s already won. Death could not hold Him; this fight cannot defeat us. With this knowledge, one may assume that every fight goes smoothly. Unfortunately, there’s the voice of a quitter that suggestively makes its demands just before we take the win. Admittingly, I once was the first to exit a race, fight, or battle, but something has changed. I realized that I am not just fighting for me but for the assignment attached to me, which is my destiny. There is a place in God’s Kingdom for each of us with designated duties that we’ve been tailored made for. But…

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