Please Pray for My Torch of a State

Brandon J. Adams

Both a general and a personal request here.

Last spring, after a winter of incredible snowpack, I said to a few friends: “Given this much snow, it’ll be pretty annoying if we have a big fire season this summer.”

Well, guess what.

It hasn’t reached the levels of our 2007 season yet, when you couldn’t see traffic lights three blocks away and ash was drifting out of the sky, but we’re headed that way. One town about an hour southeast of me is being evacuated because of air quality concerns. Every thunderstorm that rolls through is producing lightning fires. It’s that dry. And just last night, the most picturesque parts of Glacier National Park got hit.

Please take a moment today (no, really take a moment, don’t just say you will and then forget) to pray for the fire situation in Montana, as well as the Cascades and all through…

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2 thoughts on “Please Pray for My Torch of a State

  1. We’ll be praying. In 1995, I got a very short-lived job in Richland, WA. From our front porch, you could look to the left and see the Blues in Oregon or to the right and see Rattlesnake Mountain where the descendants of the Pony Express ponies still roam. But you saw nothing when there was a wild fire. People in the east don’t have any concept of such fires. My wife and I understand.

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