A Look at Cognitive Dissonance and How People Come to Resolution


Just recently I have been reading a new book by Christian philosopher Greg Gansslle. His latest book is called  Our Deepest Desires: How the Christian Story Fulfills Human Aspirations. In it, he says the following:

“Cognitive dissonance is tension that arises when our beliefs come into conflict with each other. I often experience this tension when I try to find my keys. I believe I left them on the counter next to my wallet, but they are not there. I have one belief based on my memory and another based on the fact that I don’t see them where I expect to see them. These beliefs conflict with each other. I want to find my keys, but I also want to find an explanation for the dissonance. Why were the keys not where I thought they would be? I keep looking for a resolution. If I figure out the…

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