In the Flood of Noah, Did God Fail to Eliminate Evil?

Thomistic Bent

This is another in a series of questions on the Bible.

Question: The Bible says that God flooded the earth to remove evil. If this is true, He failed, for evil is still here. In fact, evil never went away, for immediately after the flood, Noah got drunk.

In response, we must first realize that even if the account of the flood is as this question suggests, it does not argue against whether God exists or whether the Bible is true. Just because we might not understand why God does things, we still have good evidence that He exists and that the Bible is trustworthy.

Second, this falls into “why?” questions, and we will never know exactly why God does anything. We often do not know why we do things ourselves, so we, as finite minds, will not know the exact purposes of an infinite mind. God still has a…

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