Summer 2017 Teaching Theology Overseas Update #2

The Domain for Truth

This is an update report written by a brother traveling with SlimJim.

Today went very well, I think the Spirit moved with strength through Pastor Jim’s messages. He talked about some hard topics that some people do not like to speak about. We continued with regeneration, and then moved to propitiation and adoption. The pastors really started to see the beauty of salvation and how each facet really involves God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and how it can even apply in ministry, not just to the body or unbeliever. Pastor Jim is starting to feel the effects of standing up for 8 hours for the past 3 days. Please pray for him in that God will continue to sustain him and allow him to have enough energy and healing of his body to preach for next week as well. We still have X more day left here before…

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