Kevin McKenna – It is time to stand up to those who wish to criminalise faith – article in The Herald

I have been arguing for years that our society is becoming more intolerant, not less and that in rejecting our Christian roots we will end up rejecting our Christian fruits (including tolerance).   I have tried, often without success, to get this message, into the secular media – but occasionally there are shafts of light that break through and wee victories which encourage.  Today is one such day.  The Herald has this brilliant article  by Kevin McKenna, which needs to be widely shared.    When I see McKenna, Archbishop Tartaglia and John Haldane speaking out it encourages me greatly (the irony for me is that this comes at the end of a week  full of battles where the discouragements have come from fellow ‘evangelicals’ and “Reformed’).   I note in passing that they are all Catholics – where are the robust voices in our ‘state church’?  Are they part of…

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