The Woman at the Well, Ezra- Sermons from St Peters and a Prayer

Last Sundays’ sermons.

Firstly from Sinclair on the Woman at the Well  (John 4:1-42)

And then from Craig on Ezra 1:5-2:7

I also thought I would share with you something I read in The Valley of Vision this morning.

“Everlasting Creator – Father,

I have destroyed myself,

my nature is defiled,

the powers of my soul are degraded;

I am vile, miserable, strengthless,

but my hope is in you.

If ever I am saved it will be by goodness

undeserved and astonishing,

not by grace but by exceeding riches of grace;

and such you have revealed, promised, exemplified

in thoughts of peace, not of evil.

You have devised means

to rescue me from sin’s perdition,

to restore me to happiness, honour, safety.

I bless you for the everlasting covenant,

for the appointment of a Mediator.

I rejoice that he failed not, nor was discouraged,

but accomplished the work you gave…

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