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“Did you see how upset King Josiah was, Akbor?”

“He wasn’t upset, Ahikam. He was scared.”

“When my father Shaphan read aloud the book of Moses found by Hilkiah the high priest, I shook as well.”

“I think everyone in his presence did, my friend. But Hilkiah is a man of God. He will guide us rightly.”

“Haven’t you heard, Akbor? We are not going to consult a man about the curses found for those who fail to follow God’s laws.”

“Then who will guide us in God’s ways?”

“Hilkiah says we are to consult a woman.”

“A woman!”

“Yes. My father said the king and high priest spoke together and decided Huldah the prophet is the one to seek. We are going to the New Quarter of the city now in hopes she is home.”

“Huldah? I have heard of her, Ahikam. Isn’t her family connected to the king’s…

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