Edinburgh Contrasts – Liz Lochhead and Roger Day


What a fascinating afternoon and evening I had yesterday in Edinburgh! In the afternoon I managed to get to the wonderful Edinburgh book festival and listen to Ruth Wishart interviewing the poet, Liz Lochhead.   Then I went to a somewhat different event involving Roger Day.    Who he? I suspect that many more people who read the title of this blog will be able to identify Liz rather than Roger. He is a preacher from St Helens Bishopsgate in London, who has just been appointed as the assistant minister in Chalmers Church Edinburgh. Yours truly was there, along with several ministers from different churches, to ordain and induct him to that charge.

The contrast between the two events was stark.

Liz Lochhead

I loved being at the Book Festival, and was particularly keen to hear Liz Lochhead, especially after listening to her on Desert Island discs. I was not disappointed. She…

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