Survival in the Age of Morons


There was a time when a generation sang about the dawning of the “Age of Aquarius”, but it feels more like the “Age of Morons” has come instead. Yes, I know, nowadays pastors aren’t supposed to use strong words like “moron” for fear of being labelled mean and intolerant; however, the Apostle Paul used such a word (or the root of it to be exact), so I’m choosing his description over political correctness.

Here’s what I mean. Like many others, you’re probably scratching your head about the steady abandonment of common sense in recent years and the appearance of outright insanity in the mainstream media, classrooms, legislatures, courts of law, and social media feeds. And the main question is, “What do we do now?”

Well, before the question of “What do we do?”, let’s think about the question of “Why are we here?”. In Paul’s amazing letter to the church…

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