Have you ever stopped to realize that if Jesus was physically sitting by you, He could work the apps on your phone better than a 14-year-old? Sure, it’s a silly thought, but seriously, we tend to have a mental picture of Jesus frozen in the first century and not “up to speed” with the complexities of modern life. Or worse, we don’t bother with praying over the “routine” frustrations, because they’re not “spiritual”.

In Isaiah chapter 40, God told the prophet to “Comfort My people!”, then gave him words to convey. The interesting part is that it’s after a great deliverance, and not during tribulation. It was a peaceful time after God had powerfully defeated the Assyrian army (all 185,000 soldiers) as an answer to King Hezekiah’s faithfulness. It’s full of great reminders of God’s incredible attributes. Consider these two verses in the middle;

“…the everlasting God, the LORD, the…

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