Parent Resources: Family Devotions

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I’m in the middle of compiling a bunch of links, free resources, and book recommendations for topics within the area of parenting to provide for our church members. So I figured I’d put them on the blog in a cleaner format to make it accessible to others as well. Since everyone’s time is precious, here is a list of links with a short summary and commentary to help you navigate through the material.

  1. PODCAST: How Do You Do Family Devotions? (Piper)
    Short, also transcribed. Piper gives resources, content, examples on how to do devotions. Good to glance through to get ideas for you.
  2. BLOG: Discipling Your Kids Is More than Family Devotions (Brown)
    Gives a good balanced perspective to family devotions, reminds parents to emphasize “All-Day Discipleship,” not just one part of the day.
  3. BLOG: Doing Family Devotions (Raymond)
    An emphasis on fathers, but good for both parents. These are…

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