The Strange Death of Europe – 3 – Islam

“Atheists don’t fly planes into buildings” – it was a point delivered with all the certainty of a man who feels he has just delivered a killer blow to his opponent who was in this case,download yours truly.   His ‘point’ repeated thousands of times on atheist and secularist websites and social media (from whence he had gathered this bon mot) was greeted with rapturous applause by those who shared his faith. The response?

‘Neither do Presbyterians…nor Baptists…nor Catholics…nor Anglicans….not even Charismatics….and in fact neither do the majority of Muslims”. But for the simplistic worldview of the Atheist Fundamentalist this point is missed. In their world they put together two and two and make 25. This is how they work:

  • All religions are essentially the same.
  • All religions should be treated the same.
  • The people who flew the planes into the twin towers were Muslims.
  • Muslims are religious.
  • Religious makes…

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