LED 6 – Back to Uni – Demolishing Statues – Natural Disasters – Robert E Lee – The Duke of Sutherland – Houston – Poland – Trudeau and Abortion – Australia and SSM – Macron – Tower Hamlets Adoption Madness…


Light Engaging Darkness – 6

Sometimes I am writing this I feel as though I am writing a comic satire.  It must be so hard for satirists in the modern Western world because the ‘reality’ is so surreal that it is beyond satire.  Anyway here are a few gems from this past week.

1) Back to Uni –

It’s the time of year when students head off to university – to have their minds stretched, their ideas challenged and to learn new things.  No – sorry – that is so 19th Century.  Now students head to Uni to have their minds closed, their ideas protected and their debt increased.   The shutting down of the student mind is continuing apace, as the Liberals in the UK follow their nutty counterparts in the USA.  Brendan O’Neill in this article in the Spectator – sums it…

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