Review: Matthew (EGGNT)

32611775Charles L. Quarles professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology and Director of PhD studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Quarles received his PhD from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and has authored several books, including The Sermon on the Mount: Restorin Chist’s Message to the Modern Church (B&H Academic, 2011), The Illustrated Life of Paul (B&H Academic, 2014), and co-authored The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown: An Introduction to the New Testament (with Andreas J. Köstenberger and L. Scott Kellum; B&H Academic, 2016). Most recently, Quarles has contributed a phenomenal  volume on the Gospel of Matthew to the Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament (EGGNT)series.

Quarles’ volume on Matthew, much like the other EGGNT volumes, is structured to optimize the reader’s understanding of the Greek text and facilitate a deeper recognition of the various lexical and grammatical nuances therein. Quarles begins with a brief introduction, only about…

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