The Authorship of the Pentateuch: Multiple or Single Authorship?

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

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Historical tradition believes that Moses collected, edited, compiled and, wrote the Pentateuch/Torah (the first five books of the Bible) (1). A contemporary advocate of such a view would also point out that there’s biblical New Testament attestation that assigns Pentateuchal authorship to Moses such as in Mark 12:26, Luke 24:27, John 1:45, Romans 10:5, and 2 Corinthians 3:15. It is also believed that Moses would in all likelihood have used sources for his material given that all events within the book of Genesis happened before his birth. For example, Moses may have collected the oral traditions of the family histories of Abraham and his descendants, and put them into a single text. He would have compiled and written Genesis during the Israelite’s exodus wandering period (between 1440 and 1400BC) (2). Thus, given this view, Moses may be viewed as an editor, a historian, as well as a…

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