Samaritan's Song

I emailed a friend recently.

I hadn’t emailed her in over a year.  To be fair, she hadn’t emailed me either.  It wasn’t that something had gone wrong or gone badly.   It’s just that, as with most things, life and being busy got in the way.  We started attending different churches, we both took on some major life projects, and weeks passed and turned into months. We sort of forget we were friends in the middle of everything else.

Fortunately, she responded to my email within a day.  We’ve been writing back and forth and we’re all caught up; we have plans to meet up before too long, and everything is pretty much the way it was before.  We had a good laugh over the gap in communication, and reestablishing our friendship was simple.  I was glad of it.

Maintenance matters.

I recently took my car for an oil-change and…

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