LED 7 – The Talk of the Year; University Challenge; Swedish Fascists; The Month of Diana; The Racist Transgender Model; The Nashville Statement; Censoring Marco Rubio


Light Engaging Darkness

  • The Best Talk you will hear all Year – 

    Sunday was a really special day for me in lots of ways (Here is why) and the icing on the cake was this extraordinary talk from the philosopher Roger Scruton.

    It is stunning. Even more so that it came on the BBC. If you do nothing else this week, downloadgrab yourself a coffee and sit down and listen to best ten minutes you will hear on any broadcast media this year!   If you combine this with Douglas Murray’s ‘The Strange Death of Europe’ you will have a great grasp of where we are at in modern society – and indeed, something of the solution. It is so satisfying to hear things you have been saying for years, being said on the BBC – and in a much better way!   Listen and pass on.

    • University Challenge –


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