Eclectic Orthodoxy

I have been thinking a lot about the great Lutheran theologian Robert W. Jenson since hearing the news of his death on Tuesday night. Over the past forty years Jens influenced and formed my theological thinking more than any other single figure, even more than Thomas F. Torrance. I have long considered myself as a Jensonian of sorts. Not in the sense of embracing the kind of metaphysical speculation that Jens loved–I’ve never had that kind of mind and sensibility (Jens would have said I was too Anglican)—but certainly in the way that I preached and catechized. Perhaps I am still a Jensonian, only now in an Orthodox key.

I discovered the books of Robert Jenson in the late 70s while I was in seminary—specifically, The Triune Identity. I do not know how I came across it. I’m sure it was not assigned to us by our theology instructor…

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