Book Review: A Little exercise for Young Theologians

Theology Still Matters

“All theology does is make people snobby, or think they are somehow better than the average Christian.”  This statement, or a variation of it, is one that most of us the field of theology hear at one time or another.  To be honest, there is some truth to it, but not in a way that most suspect.  A struggle that we have is how to articulate what we learn in the classroom, and how to bring it to others in the church.

This book is most likely that of a long speech give by Helmut Thielicke to his first year seminary students.  There are thirteen short chapters that comprise of about 5-6 pages each. Though short, the chapters contain so much wisdom and knowledge that the first year student will benefit, and the seasoned theologian will use it again and again.  In other words I highly recommend it.

This book…

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