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Jan Bremmer is one of the most impressive scholars of the ancient world that I know, and a collection of his essays on early Christianity and its context has now appeared:  Jan N. Bremmer, Maidens, Magic and Martyrs in Early Christianity:  Collected Essays I (Tuebingen:  Mohr Siebeck, 2017), the publisher’s online catalog entry here.

The 27 previously-published essays collected for this volume range widely (indicative of Bremmer’s wide interests and expertise), addressing in Part I “Aspects of Early Christianity” (essays on the label “Christian,” the “religious/social capital” of early Christians, the attraction of Christianity for upper-class women, the curious fellow Peregrinus, and “the domestication” of early Christian prophecy).

Part II comprises a number of Bremmer’s essays on the several apocryphal acts of the apostles and also the “Pseudo-Clementine” writings.

Part III is several essays on “apocalypses and tours of hell” (with several essays on the Apocalypse of Peter in particular).

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