Review: Greek I (Zondervan Online Lectures)


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The Zondervan Academic Online Course for Greek I is taught by William Mounce, best known for his book Basics of Biblical Greek along with his commentary on the pastoral epistles (WBC). He used to teach at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, but is now the President of BiblicalTraining (which offers free lectures from top scholars). Zondervan has approximately 43 online courses, though some have yet to be released. 

The course is self-paced, but it must be completed within 12 months. It is 16 units long with each unit following a four-part structure: OverviewStudyReview, and Assess, and ends with a midterm. Greek II is also made up of 16 units and ends with the final.

Class Lectures

  1. Alphabet, Pronunciation, Punctuation, and Syllabification
  2. Beginning Nouns
  3. Genitive and Dative
  4. Prepositions, εἶμι, and Adjectives
  5. Third Declension Nouns

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