When Name It and Claim It Doesn’t Work

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

There is an increasingly popular “Christian” philosophy that says “name it and claim it” and you will have it. Those who prostitute this philosophy tell you that you can have anything from perfect health to millions of dollars in your bank account. What about when you “name it and claim it”, and it doesn’t happen?

Some might say, “Matthew, you didn’t have enough faith.” I can begin to name countless things that I have believed God for, and He did not give them to me. Is that my fault? God’s fault? Or was it not meant to be?

May I ask this? What if “your best life now” involves living in an average house, driving an average car, living paycheck to paycheck, and maybe even wondering where your next meal will come from? What if “your best life now” is lived in simple and humble obedience to God? No one…

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