What’s the value of a prayer?

Is it measured by results, eloquence, or word choice? Or is there inherent value in the child of God’s prayer itself? To get a complete picture, a remarkable passage of scripture in Revelation chapter 5 should be considered. In verses 1-10, John describes a dramatic and powerful scene where Jesus will step forward to take the “scroll with seven seals” from the Father. Once He does, the heavenly gathering will begin to worship and the four living creatures, along with the twenty-four elders, will bring forward golden bowls of incense. What’s striking is the nature of the contents, because the Bible describes the incense within the bowls as “the prayers of the saints”.

Ponder that for a moment. All the confusing struggles, the deep hurts, the teary petitions and the joyful praises are a fragrant offering. Every single moment spent in prayer is held in reserve to be…

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