Light Engaging Darkness 8

LED 7 – The Talk of the Year; University Challenge; Swedish Fascists; The Month of Diana; The Racist Transgender Model; The Nashville Statement; Censoring Marco Rubio

Is there anything more dark than the situation in Yemen?


1) Yemen –

The disaster in Yemen continues to unfold.  This is only one of many tragic stories. 3 million Yemenis have been displaced, half a million infected with cholera, 5000  are being infected daily. There is a Saudi blockade and children are dying of malnutrition. There was a UN report which threatened to expose the Saudis, it was redacted when they threatened to withhold funds. The war in Yemen began three years ago. The Saudis decided to intervene in case the Iranians  obtained power. They bombed hospitals and schools and civilians. 20 million Yemenis are now in need of emergency assistance.  by the Saudi Air Force continues to…

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