Which Bible Version Is Inspired?


Other than some training and teaching here and there, I am NOT a formal Bible scholar by any means, and, I have never put myself forward as one, at least purposely. Like the average “church-goer” I know how to use a Strong’s Concordance pretty effectively, I know how to research resources provided by former “church” fathers, like Concordances, Lexicons, Topical Bibles and the like. But I have been “blessed” (blessing from my point-of-view) by not having a University or Seminary education in how to interpret or understand the Bible.

I am NOT however, knocking those that have that form of education, IF it works for them and it doesn’t interfere with the Holy Spirit’s teaching within their own lives and line of study. I’ve witnessed too many scholars whose education is strictly head-knowledge, with no clear understanding of the spiritual depth of the Word of God. They are awesome with…

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