How I Find Good Christian Books

Samaritan's Song

There’s a lot out there in the Christian book market.  I don’t have enough time to read all of it.  I don’t want to read all of it.  What I want to do is to read things that will challenge me, make me think, help me grow, and point me to God.  So I thought it was worth writing down a few of the ways I came to the books I love, since “pick a random one and buy it” is almost never a good option.

1. I listen to wise and discerning Christian friends.  My mom, my husband, a few friends, and some folks here online: they’ve all guided me to interesting authors and interesting books.  Generally, if I know a person and I’m familiar with their faith walk and we’ve talked a lot about matters of faith – or if I know we share similar tastes – I…

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