What Our Children Need Most

Elihu's Corner

aaron-burden-60068“Mom, I need to get a zipper binder and headphones.” 

“Dad, my teacher said my pencil box isn’t big enough. I need another one”

“Mom, I have to have a zipper binder too.”

My head was spinning. It was only the first week of school, and on top of the lengthy list of supplies we’d already purchased, they needed more. My mental bank balance approached the red line as I ran to and fro gathering additional supplies. I drew the line at school shirts—they were just going to have to do without!

While I recognize there are many barely surviving in America, we remain a highly prosperous society. More than half of American families carry a mortgage, have two cars, own multiple cell phones, a TV, and standard household appliances. Many of us have more clothes than we can wear in a week, shoes for every occasion, and freezers and…

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