Samaritan's Song

We expect reciprocation in our relationships.

We just do.  It’s a natural human impulse. When I text my mom, she texts me back.  When my husband calls me and I miss the call, I call him back.  If I receive a note from someone saying “I care about you,” I get in touch with them to thank them and to tell them I care about them, too.  When someone admits they’re having a bad day, I respond with sympathy.

Give and take.  Back and forth.  It’s how relationships go…until they don’t.

Because sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes a relationship just comes to a halt in a strange, one-sided kind of way.  You’re communicating with someone and they’re communicating back and then suddenly…they’re not.  And you have no idea why.

I’m not talking about the break in communication that occurs over a wrong or a hurt or a conflict or an offense. …

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